Watauga Group

Your brand. Defined.

Watauga Group is a media and marketing strategy company. We offer a full range of services from research, consulting, to negotiating and purchasing, as well as combining media with vendors and co-op partners to create synergy in all campaigns. In a nut shell, the definition of our job to make sure your marketing strategy is on target and your advertising dollars are spent efficiently and effectively.

Watauga Group is Defined By:

Media Mastery – Our Expertise
  • Expertise: ex⋅per⋅tise [ek-sper-teez]

Experience = Expertise. Our clients benefit from our experience as evident in our mastery of all things media. If you can name it in the media world, we’ve done it. Our clients range from hospitality to financial, pharmaceutical to real estate, retail to automotive and back again. We’ve bought every kind of online, outdoor medium, radio, television, promotion, guerilla marketing tactic and print tactic you can think of. The sky is the limit in media and our expertise means not only that we know the ropes in and out, but that we can define the ropes themselves.

Strategic Solutions – Strategy and Tactics
  • Strategy: strat·e·gy (străt’ə-jē)

A media strategy is defined by a plan of action, carried out to reach a client’s objective. Watauga Group’s strategic solutions are based on a host of items that include extensive research, previous experience, and client goals.

  • Tactics: tac·tics (tăk’tĭks)

Tactics are different than strategy. A tactic implements a strategic solution from Watauga Group. Would online banners be the best answer to achieving the goal, or maybe a mobile initiative? Should we use media at all? Or, does the real answer lie in public relations and current customer relationship management. Watauga Group will always give a recommendation on what’s best for the client, regardless of the marketing medium.

Strategic Solutions – Our Creativity
  • Creativity: cre⋅a⋅tiv⋅i⋅ty [kree-ey-tiv-i-tee, kree-uh-]

Creativity is the ability to generate new ideas and inspiring concepts that buck the existing status quo and make clients stand out from the crowd. Contrary to popular belief, media is extremely creative! Media creativity revolves around going outside traditional ideas like spot buys, 2Cx7 BW newspaper ads, and CPM based banner buys. Maybe a lead generation option is best for your online plans. Or, perhaps we take up the white space in every parking lot strip for your industry’s next convention. We pledge inventive thinking for all clients!

Remarkable Results – ROI Driven
  • Result: re⋅sult [ri-zuhlt]

Results are what drive our business. We can help you track results of your media in various ways, depending on the objective of the campaign. Whether you’re looking for phone calls, online leads, click-thrus or awareness, we can help you with our WataWIZE tracking and ideas for tracking on your end.

Remarkable Results – Our Service
  • Service: serv⋅ice [sur-vis]

As a result of our experience, we know that true client service is defined by going above and beyond expectations. As our client, you’ll have access and contact information for every person at Watauga Group. Your day-to-day contact will be responsive, helpful, full of ideas, and even fun. (We like to think so!) Everyone who works at Watauga Group has helped build it from the ground up. We know what it takes to run a successful business and know what it will take to help you run yours.

Scope of Services

Planning/Strategy • Negotiation • Scheduling • Promotions • Account Management

WataWIZE: Media and Marketing Research
WataTEXT: Texting/Mobile Solutions
WataCPC: Search Engine Marketing
WataBLAST: E-mail Blast/Database Management
WataAdNet: Specialized Internet Marketing Network developed for your business

Watauga Group provides these services to direct clients and advertising agencies that are looking to affiliate with a marketing and media company.